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City Rooms, Leicester - Gatsby Night

Well, what a fantastic night of glitz and glamour at the City Rooms in Leicester as Kal's Kats played for a wonderful Great Gatsby styled dinner dance. The evening started with a lovely 3 course dinner and drinks and then we started playing from our 20's programme. The audience was superb, as soon as we started playing 'Anything goes' they were up on their feet and charleston strolling like crazy and thats how it continued through the night.

Kal's Kats continued to run some fab 20's style numbers including the theme tune to the Addams Family music - The Mooche which always goes down well.

Then our fab dance chums Red&Ginger took to the dance floor to perform a brilliant dance routine to Grabtown Grapple which went really well indeed.

Fantastic support as always from Strictly Jitterbug - they are superb and we really appreciate the time they give to be with us on our events.

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