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Lockdown swing out

Well, it sure has been a tricky time for so many folks across the globe struggling too come to terms with the coronavirus pandemic. It sure does feel strange being pretty much housebound and not able to freely roam as before, however, I'm sure it won't be long until we're all swinging from the rafters again.

Its been quite frustrating for the members of our band line ups which now comprise 5 bands in total

- The Kalamazoo Dance Band for Glenn Miller swing dances presenting in U.S. Army Air Force uniforms and recreating the musical magic of the 40's

- Kal's Kats is our vintage swing band Line up presenting in 40's /50's style suits and playing all the jump jive greats to get everyone rockin' and rollin

- Great Gatsby and Peaky Blinders style - we can also present in 20's vintage gangster style suits and play a fabulous range of music to suit both these eras including favourites such as Red Right Hand - we also provide dance lessons to get everyone up in full Charleston swing.

- The Soultown Kats is our soul and Motown party band playing all the favourites of the 60's to 80's and with a full brass section and three vocalists provides a fantastic full sound which is perfect for weddings and parties.

- The Regency Dance Orchestra is our Art Deco style vintage strict temp dance orchestra presenting in authentic 30's BBC white tie and tailcoats. Perfect for black tie events and tea dances.

- Hot Chicago Syndicate is our RatPack style swing band playing all the greats of Sinatra, Darin, Deano and Ella. Presenting in Black tie dinner suits and swinging on a star.

As you can see, we have been super busy over the last 5 years building these fabulous 5 band line ups and have played across the UK, Europe and the Middle East and at some significant festivals and events alongside some very well established acts.

However, back to today, and it is worrying for some of my musician colleagues since the bands are their main source of income and so for this lockdown, makes it particularly tricky to manage.

What we have done to manage some of the time is to make an online video of the band performing some of its more popular numbers and here are two for you to take a look at - one is the Kal's Kats line up and the other is The Kalamazoo Dance Band line up.

We hope you enjoy these videos and certainly look forward to being back on the circuit very soon and in the meantime, take a look at all the band line ups on

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