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Carfest North 2018

Well now, what a brilliant event - it was a such a delight for us to be able to perform on stage at CarFest North - Kal's Kats were set up in the Vintage Village in a kind of huge Yurt tent with folks sitting 360 degrees round the whole stage area. The lovely Bonito Sisters Julie Woolley and Louise Carmela joined us to belt out their selection of tunes that they do so well. A lovely crowd formed around us and certainly got stuck in to the dancing and fun and swing dancing around the potholes on the grass.

There were of course loads of kids there and suddenly thought 'i know, let's get these up to do the floss dance' and sure enough within 30 seconds there was a tiny terracotta army of Floss dancing kids in front of us going mental. We were playing and it looked like they were recorded on high speed film :-)

At one point it absolutely threw it down with rain, so then of course everyone piled in to the Yurt with us which made it really close up and comfy which was great fun.

Obviously there are acts booked one after another at these events and so as soon as you're done, you're straight off and out and then the next act are following. Luckily for us, we were the last act of the day in the vintage village and so it was nice to close the event and not have to rush.

After we finished, i then spent some time with my boys wandering around the rets of the event which was still in full flow and eventually made our way to the main event stage where the fab Jools Holland was all set up to play.

Chris Evans did his crowd rousing fun and got everyone gee'd up to get things moving and then on came Jools Holland and his orchestra.

I counted 40 huge suspended speakers with another plethora of subs and other monitors etc dotted all round the place and my god when that to kicked in to gear, the bass was monumental to the point where it was a physical reverberation through the body.

Jools Holland did his stuff in time honoured quality fashion together with a superb rendition of Peace in the Valley from Ruby Turner. Our very own Mamma Jules (Julie Woolley) does a fab rendition of this song but Ruby Turner seems to have mechanical lungs and literally breaths fire - Absolutely brilliant.

Well, thank you to Alex and the team at Carfest for booking us and allowing us to play and it's shame we couldn't make the South Carfest since that would have been good to do as well, but too many players off made it awkward for us to fill the seats. Here's to 2019

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