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Whitby Peaky Blinder - Gathering

wow, what a brilliant saturday night party at the Whitby Met. 150 Peaky Blinders fans sold the event out and danced themselves silly all night long. The song Red Right Hand always goes down an absolute treat and fills the floor every time. The venue is gorgeous in an almost Art Deco presentation style with lovely lighting down every wall and then we lit the stage area up in red creating that fantastic eerie kind of atmosphere of that was prevalent across the Peaky Blinders era.

Playing a range of fantastic numbers from the 20's through to some more modern upbeat party numbers to get everyone going crazy.

We love these types of events since it just creates such a brilliant atmosphere and also with the backdrop of the Met just makes it really impressive.

The worst bit of course is the 2.5 hour drive back starting at midnight, but nice to wake up in your own bed and feeling relaxed. However, it would have been lovely to have stayed over since the weather was gorgeous and such a lovely area to walk around.

Lastly, it was lovely to see all the really nice folks who follow us around and makes all of this so worthwhile.

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