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World cup anthem for BBC radio Derby by Kal's Kats

We were delighted to be asked by BBC radio Derby to produce an official anthem for the forthcoming World cup 2018 taking place in Russia.

I went out on the streets of Derby and in fact to Belper with Heidi Booth from BBC Derby to ask the thoughts of the local folks of what songs they remember and what should a song consist of and what style

There weren't a great many folks milling about at 7.20 in the morning, but a few started heading out on their day jobs etc.

Heidi collared a few folks and they mentioned that the song needs to be catchy and repeat a chorus a few times and draw reference back to 1966 and the great atmosphere that brought. Some of the songs they recalled were e.g 3 Lions, Vindaloo and the Ant and Dec one from 2002.

So armed with some of those comments, Kal's Kats has set about producing a record to use as an anthem for the world cup. We have written lyrics and music and on wednesday we were at our rehearsal venue to make a few initial recordings which were then sent across to the BBC on Thursday morning and the first quick airing has taken place today on Friday 25th May - more will follow over the coming weeks and in the meantime, we will set up our recording desk to record all the stems to have the tune digitally mastered.

Look forward to bringing this to you and hopefully it'll get you in fine spirits.

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