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Festival of Vintage

what a brilliant day at Festival of Vintage, York - Great to catch up with so many lovely people and see all the vintage stalls and so much music going on everywhere across the entire site. Good to also catch up with some friends from a previous band i used to play in - we kicked off our set at 2pm and blimey what a crowd that drew, so much so that people couldn't walk past since it was so densely packed, but wow, what an atmosphere. The weather held off perfectly and folks just danced away like crazy.

Then we had to quickly take everything down and get across the Gimcrack room for the next set at 3.45 - this was in a large hall with dance tuition going on with our good buddies Red&Ginger who were doing a superb job teaching the dance moves and getting everyone into the swing of things. We opened up with Dancing' Fool - an excellent charleston stroll type number made famous by Barry Manilow - now the place was continuing to get filled and within just a few minutes, the place was literally solid with hardly any space to get anyone in. What an absolute privilege for us to see so many folks turn up and enjoy the mood.

Then we had to take everything down again and then hot foot it across to the De Grey Rooms in York where we had to do a quick change into our Kalamazoo Dance Band U.S. uniforms ready for our 40's swing dance which was sold out months in advance. The floor was literally full the entire evening and folks having such a great time. There were some superb dancers there as well from all over the UK.

We were joined by our lovely Bonito Sisters Lou and Jules who did an excellent job with some Andrews Sisters tribute numbers as well as a vast range of swing and rock n roll.

We love these events because everyone is literally there to just get stuck in and have a fantastic time.

To the folks in the Kalamazoo Dance Band and Kal's Kats (same band of course) - thank you so much for being such a great team to work with and such excellent musicians - You make this all so worthwhile!!

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