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Peaky Blinder of a night coming up

Well now, in collaboration with the lovely Linda Cudworth at Whitby (who is simply our number one fan - since she was the first person to book the band to play for an event all those years ago, and has repeatedly done so year after year) together with Justin Bray who has taken over the Whitby Met lounge and Ballroom have baked Kal's Kats to play for their Peaky Blinders dance on 30th June and what a damn good night this is set to be.

he room capacity is 175 and having posted the event of friday evening, over 100 tickets shot out the door.

Many folks have asked about Kal's Kats in terms of its presentation style and quite simply, the band can present in 3 different guises.

- Kal's Kats swingband - presenting in fifties style suits and playing the swing greats

- Kal's Kats - Gatsby where we present in gangster stye pin stripe suits and play all the numbers of the 20's era

- Kal's Kats - Peaky Blinder band. we present in authentic Peaky blinder style suits and pudding boy hats and play a mix of music from the 20's through to the swing era to add some high energy fun.

All three presentation styles are extremely popular across the UK and we are fortunate to have a great following together with our other bands The Kalamazoo Dance Band and The Regency Dance Orchestra.

This forthcoming Peaky Blinder event with Kal's Kats will be a fantastic fun event and we just love getting the crowd u and involved and teach them the dance moves. Tickets are available as per the poster attached, but might want to be quick to avoid missing out.

Thanks Linda and also Justin for your very much appreciated support.

Kal's Kats - Peaky Blinder Dance Whitby

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