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Rosie and Jacob's wedding

Well, we booked Kal's Kats a year ago now for our wedding which has just taken place this weekend at Colwick Hall, Nottingham. We read the reviews on the website and on last minute musicians and looked at their youtube videos and were really impressed and thought theses guys will be great. Great doesn't even begin to describe them!! They were, well - You made our wedding. Absolutely incredible band and incredible evening-we. Rosie Rosie Jones and I can't thank you enough for making our day so special. xx

We sure had a fantastic time playing for Rosie and Jacob's wedding - The setting was at Colwick Hall which is a gorgeous looking manor house near Nottingham. We taught everyone the Charleston Stroll and got them all up for the first number after the wedding song. The snow began to come down again but in true fashion, the Kal's Kats musos, played on. We went through a range of dances to teach them and get them all buzzing and in good form, they all got stuck in - after the charleston strolls on to a barn dance and then on to the Gay Gordons and then off they went doing the conga to 'Just wanna dance the night away'

The Hog roast was very welcoming and cooked to perfection - i could certainly eat that again right now :-)

I love these wedding events since we always want the set up to be hugely impressive and have the bride and groom feel really pleased with their choice and obviously knock the socks off the guests as they come through the doors - and it worked a treat this time (as always thankfully)

I always try to exceed their expectations - much like W.Edwards Demming says - don't just meet their requirements, but exceed their expectations and that way you know in your own heart that you have helped make their wedding day or event even more special.

Hats off to the Kal's Kats gang since it is a long play for all evening, but they sure as heck all go for it and our admin manager Sylvia does a first class job putting all the music in place for every gig and sorting everything out for us - That is a huge help, especially when the customer asks for numbers that we haven't got out for the running list and so Sylvia starts digging through all the folders to quickly gather the arrangements as requested. - Thanks for your continued help Sylvia.

So, all in all, another resounding successful night with a delighted bride and groom as per their review above. Don't forget, if we can help you for any event eg wedding, corporate, party and in the following styles of Kal's Kats - swing style, Great Gatsby or Peaky Blinders - and not forgetting our other bands - The Kalamazoo Dance Band for Glenn Miller or Rat Pack and then The Regency Dance Band for strict tempo 30's and 40's - Just let us know. you'll have a fantastic time I personally guarantee it !!

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