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I received a call on Friday from Alex at BBC Radio Derby to see if I wanted to return to the studio to discuss Kal's Kats involvement in the Phantom Thread film given that we have now seen it since its official launch a week ago. Of course, I was delighted to accept and so first thing Monday morning the date and time was set.

In preparation however, I thought i'd best stay up to watch the BAFTAs since this was bound be a topic of discussion and of course Mark Bridges from the film won a BAFTA for his part in best costume design and a well worthy winner too given the costumes really were outstanding having seen some first hand from our direct involvement in the film. in fact, when we saw them at the film set they were carried around in a similar fashion to that you would expect if you had unearthed an ancient Mummy robe of Tutankhamun - no attention to detail was spared, they were 'perfect' and so a well deserved award. Mark Bridges even spent some time with our own Sylvia Luke (who takes care of our admin) to discuss the dresses and the detail and work that has gone into them.

Of course, the film itself was up against some mighty strong competition and so I was best armed with knowledge of some of the other victors just in case.

Additionally, the theme of Me too and Time's up also ran across the entire evening what with the guests wearing black, together with even royalty wearing at least a black belt - coincidence or not was still visible. Glad I did watch this otherwise i simply might not have known or realised the significance of rooting out the predators and abuse characters.

Off to the beeb in Derby I go for the Kal's Kats interview and once again a great experience with Ian Skye on the breakfast show. Ian fired his questions across as to what i thought of the film now that I'd seen it and then onto the costumes for the BAFTA win and then of course on to the Me Too and Time's Up initiative.

I really enjoyed the session once again and having had a few folks record it, knew I'd get to listen to it again. Furthermore, was delighted to accept an offer to attend the Loudmouths sessions they host from 9 - 10am every week where two guests are in the studio to discuss a topical item in the news on that day. Dates have yet to be confirmed, but certainly keen to do that and would welcome the opportunity to do more.

The radio broadcast is here ..

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