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Kats get Cosy in Leicester

Well Happy New Year to you all from Kal's Kats and The Kalamazoo Dance Band as well as our new Regency Dance Orchestra.

We had the privilege of playing for the NYE Great Gatsby party at The Cosy Club, Leicester last night and what an absolute monster it was. We were asked to get there to be set up around 5pm which was fine and gave us ample time to get our stage set up ready together with our excellent lighting effect. Then the 'gangsters and molls' started to arrive around 6pm ish and all looking mighty resplendent - we were loving the comments the folks were making as they entered the old concerted sewing mill building, especially since we had gone all out with our fancy Kal's Kats lights and stands.

Ben and the Cosy Club, Leicester staff were fantastic taking care of us with food and drink and every one of them extremely polite and only too happy to help - well done Ben and team, you've got the customer service nailed down very well there.

Then the customers sat down to a really nice dinner with Prosecco and wine and good 20's style music playing n the background.

Then 10:15 and tables moved back and it was the calling for Kal's Kats in Great Gatsby style to take to the stage - and we did, opening with Anything goes and straight into 'Put a lid on it and on to 'Puttin' on the Ritz' - The audience were superb literally lapping up the music and getting right into the mood. There was a polish lady who had come along and introduced herself to us at the beginning and when the music started, she literally 'took off' clearly a dancer and very slick as well, of course this just helps create such a buzz; that together with Kayla and Lee, Laura and Huda Wildy stepping out with the Charleston stroll had so many 'non dancers] gawping away and secretly wishing they could do it - but fear not, we were going to get everyone going and thats exactly what happened.

Even those who are completely uncoordinated and rhythmless (with the utmost respect here :-) just got stuck right in and thats just what we love see.

Then the hour cometh and the countdown took place and boom - off it went with everyone having been served a glass of prosecco and just revelling in the new year arrival. We then proceeded with Auld Lang Syne, progressively taking the tempo up and up and then on to The Gay Gordons and Hoots Mon.

We've had one heck of a tremendous journey over the past three years and ordinarily would be great to pin our hat on one particular event, but i honestly cannot do that since literally every single event we have played at has just been fantastic with numerous rebooking as well as some fantastic experiences, friendships and great fun along the way.

There have also been numerous wonderful comments left by audience members and we thank them for taking the time to put pen to paper. Most importantly, we never ever take the bookings for granted and treat every one as if it were our first event, this way we know we will always give of our best and nothing less such that the folks who choose to spend some of their valuable time with us will appreciate it and feel it was time well spent.

Here is the most recent comment we received from NYE and once again - truly appreciated

My girlfriend and I and four friends went to the Great Gatsby NYE party at The Cosy Club in Leicester and as we entered the ‘old building’ were met with a fantastic stage presence of the band Kal’s Kats - we haven’t seen these guys before but from looking at the set up thought we must be in for a good night. They started playing at 10pm and have to say these guys are outstanding and deserve to be nationally recognised. The atmosphere was first class and so much better than we had anticipated. The clock hit midnight and the party just went up another level - if anyone is looking to book a swing band for their event, then you really need to see these guys - right up there with the likes of Jools Holland and others - just fantastic!! 10/10 Chris Bateman - Cosy club party

Happy New Year all and Thankyou !!

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