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Resorts World Birmingham goes to Swing

Just over a week ago now we were asked to bring a little swing to the scene at Resorts World in Birmingham (This was arranged by a very good friend of the band - Carrie-Anne Lawson) . It was a surprise flashmob set up with a particular emphasis on World Shopping week where customers were chosen at random to come up and register in front of a huge gift wrapped parcel and press the 'red Buzzer' and who ever wins gets a lovely prize and of course every one in the shopping centre knows they've won because the buzzers sound off and lights go mad etc. So 5.30 we were due to start playing and we tried to keep as 'secret' as possible, but it is tricky to hide a swing band. All the musos had secreted themselves around the centre so as not to be too visible and then just before 5.30, we threw off our coats and broke into song with a brill arrangement of sing sing sing which suddenly had crowds appearing from all directions and buzzing with excitement and the thrill of seeing Kal's Kats in action live at the shopping centre.

We played 2 x sets of 45 mins with all the 'goodies' that people love to hear and was also joined by some great dancers from Paul Neary's Swing Express and also dancers from Strictly Jitterbug and . It created a superb atmosphere and we held a lovely audience for the entire time with the best bits being when folks were either coming up the elevators or down the other elevators. There are a few videos on show on youtube - including this one at -

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