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Great Gatsby on parade

a superb night of fun and frolics at Catterick Garrison with Kal's Kats (Vintage swing band UK) playing for the REME unit at their Great Gatsby officers mess ball. The decor in the room was superb and what a delight for us to play in such a lovely atmosphere.

The evening started with two vintage dancers - Velody and Emily who did a grand demo of the shim sham followed by some traditional 20's charleston tunes. we then took to the stage at 9pm and was an absolute pleasure to have a lovely friend of the band Jules Woolley singing in with us - Jules is part of the Bonito Sisters who are our Andrews Sisters tribute group and the three of them are excellent. So on this occasion, Jules sang solo with us and did an excellent job signing all the great 20's Charleston style numbers.

In all these kind of events, we (Kal's Kats or Kalamazoo Dance Band) think it is important to mix it up a little to try to appeal to everyone's taste and so good dollop of swing and rock n roll really lift the atmosphere to another level altogether.

And last but not least, we packed up and drove out past the armed guards onto the A1 for the 2 hour drive home - all for the love of music eh :-)

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