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Kal's 'cold' Kats

Kal's Kats were invited to play for the forthcoming Black Friday event at MacArthur Glen retail Outlet. It was blowing a hooley and down to 5 degrees which makes the brass instruments freezing cold and well out of tune to start with and then of course they start to warm up and then the sax players are messing around with pulling the mouthpiece up and down the cork trying to stay in tune with the piano. Overall it was a really good Kal's Kats swing time success with frozen members of the public stepping out and enjoying themselves - we taught them all the charleston stroll and was a nice location what with us playing right outside the Adidas store. So now we are the official Adidas swing band :-)

Funny that as soon as we finished the last number the muso's were straight out of the starting block into the warmth of the MacArthur Glen Foodcourt.

We played from 5 - 8pm which is a fair old time to play, but good exposure and the MacArthur Glen staff have videos us and sent the recording saying 'look at Kal's Kats swinging out for us' to the other stores across the UK - so hopefully we'll get the chance to play at some of the other venues.

Well played to all the Kal's Kats gang and thanks very much to Kayla for kindly recommending us.

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