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Peaky Blinders and sinister Kats

Peaky Blinders Weekend...

For the last two weekends the Black Country Living Museum has played host to the Peaky Blinders nights. The museum created authentic reenactments, the food and stalls were all in keeping with the peaky blinders atmosphere and the visitors went to town on outfits to create nights that would make it hard to believe that you were not literally stepping into that era.. and nothing, not even traffic being at a stand still on the A38 could keep the 'Kats' away from being involved and playing at this spectacular event this weekend.

We donned the stage at the Workers Institute building on both Friday and Saturday night supporting the amazing Peaky Blonders before they did a fantastic set of music from the famous and hugely popular tv show. It was clear as soon as the vintage vixen Laura Brookes and the Kats opened with 'Sing, Sing, Sing leading into That Man' that it wouldn't be long before the dance-floor would be filled and the audience did not falter in doing so.. Although as bands go the two bands playing that night in the building were polar opposites the audience were awesome in getting into the spirit of the evening and some even braved learning a good ole 'charleston stroll' in the interval between sets.

Friday night absolutely lifted the roof on that building and the dancefloor was totally chocka with flat caps, wool waistcoats and beautiful gowns and Gatsby style dresses.. not even a visit from the peaky blinder reenactors themselves as they stood at the bandstand looking out over the dancefloor rifles over shoulders could stop the feet tapping at the dancing to brilliant numbers like 'Big Time Operator' and 'Hallelujah' and by the time Brian's storming drum solo on the finale number of 'Sing Sing Sing' kicked in even the people sat in their seats were dancing away and our very own Carrie Anne payed a visit (a busman's holiday) and was strolling away like a boss in the middle of the dancefloor.

Saturday night.. well what can we say about saturday night except we blew the weekend out of the park.. after the success of the Friday we were wondering if saturday would match the atmosphere and boy did it. We decided on the saturday night to try something a little different and for two songs we became a 'Peaky Kat' joining us on the stage were Jen Lali and Roley Martin from the band Peaky Blonders. Jen raised the roof and then some taking on a unrehearsed totally raw version of 'Minnie the Moocher' by the halfway point of the song even the people at the back of the room were joining in and the audience participation was off the scale.

Roley teamed with our ever talented trumpet player Roy Symonds and treated us to again a totally unrehearsed rendition of 'Mack the Knife' his voice having the totally rustic and gravel tone to almost make you think you were stepping back in time. It was a great experience and awesome sight to have both bands come together and we totally blew the lid off the workers institute that night...

The setlist on both nights was fast paced and we experienced some really amazing solo's from some of the members of the 'Kats' including our very own Paddy Saxman storming up a beast of a sax solo on 5-10-15 hours and on the amazing 'Sing Sing Sing' Kal and Paddy took the clarinet solo and made a clarinet battle off as the dancers on the dancefloor and even our very own Bass guitar player Ben strolled through into the night.

This event was phenomenal and 'Kals Kats' could not have been more excited to get to play such an amazing event and are so thankful to Jane Allcock and the team at the museum for giving us the chance to play and be part of such a great weekend. If you love Vintage and you want to experience a step back in time then definitely look into events that are held in the museum ... and check out our events page and instagram and twitter pages(look up Kal Vaikla) to be kept in the loop of all things 'Kats and Kalamazoo' and the website of course and

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