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BCLM 40's weekend

Well now, don't really know where to start. What an absolutely outstanding event at this really impressive 'mock up' vintage village with authentic streets and pubs and little restaurants. The place just oozes character and creates a fantastic buzz.

The Kalamazoo Dance Band were invited to play for the entire weekend and so we started in the WI hall which was a bit like an Oast House with no opening Windows in there to quell the heat - however, that said, blimey the atmosphere was fantastic with people dancing and going nuts during our music.

Later we then transported all our gear up the road to their outside band stand where we lit the place up once again and played some fantastic sets which got everyone going absolutely mad again. You just can't put a price on this type of fun and all the lovely folks that we get to meet - so many to mention - Here are a few Yvonne Somrani Therese Engall George Lesniak Peter Emery Rowan Peare-Harte Thomas Joshua Peare-Harte Sky Morris Fiona Roberts Mervyn Stevens Caroline Higgs Caroline Murphy Judy Eastwood Lucy Eastwood Emma-Rose Bland Alex Woods Nigel Richards Alex RichardsAmy Bland Josh S Turner Fiona Roberts Karen Stuart Forties Karen Harvey Laura Brookes David Sims Airborne OZ Sarah Brady Beth Berwick-Lowe Richard Baker Derek Woodward Vivian Moore Jane Allcock, Nicola and Alan Portsmouth, Laura and Lee Brookes and many more dear friends

Then Sunday, we did it all again - my shirt was literally wringing, but worth every moment - Simply fantastic!!! Our highlight was MJ Robinson who stepped up and went nuts with us playing the Tranky Do (Dipsey Doodle)

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