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It always amazes me with the dynamics of folks within a band, especially with respect to set up and pack away. there are essentially three categories

1. Those that get there early and help set up as much as possible as well as their own kit. They are always there at the end and help take other bulky kit out as well e.g. drums, lighting etc

2 Those that put in effort to help and do bits and pieces at the beginning and help at the end to varying degrees - sometimes seamingly managing to slope away at the end with the hope that no one has noticed, but of course everyone has in fact noticed as they carry on soldiering on

3 and last but not least, the 'chosen' who turn up sometimes early but make no effort to hunk any of the equipment around and at the end of the night, quickly pack their stuff away and gone sometimes without as much as a goodbye all, just straight out as though the great floods are coming - however, in return, they still expect the same pay out -

Now i have been in bands for around 30 years and know only too well what it is like to pack a car or van full to the rafters making perhaps 20 return trips in an out of the venue to either take in or take out equipment and it is an arduous task when all you want to do at 2am is get yourself off down the motorway.

Having said this, we run two bands - Kal's Kats and Kalamazoo Dance Band and what a team we have - everyone just mucks in and not a single person disappearing or not pulling their weight - seems to be a real buzzy morale of teamsmanship with everyone just doing what they need to do. I've never actually asked any one to take up a specific task, but they have all migrated to specific areas and i know confidently that all equipment is packed away ready to be easily set up next time. I don't know what price or value you actually put on this level of team camaraderie, but i personally think it is priceless!!

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