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Kal's Kats does Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

I remember back in the late 90's I was working with a company that saw me across to the U.S on many occasions and I saw an advert for two bands at different times one called Swing Nouveau (saw them in Milwaukee) and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy (saw them in California). Swing Nouveau were superb and give me loads of great ideas and buzzes about the big band scene - however, when i saw Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, my jaw nearly hit the floor - I was impressed beyond all belief. I thought they were utterly fantastic and their music was through the roof. So much so, that i got to thinking 'wow, I'd love to play in or even run a band a 1/4 as good as these guys and that's when i thought of the name Kal's Kats swing. That name has rattled around in my head for years and it's taken until the last few years and some much appreciated chivvying along by a few special folks to actually get the band Kal's Kats up and running - We've been on the scene for a few years now and absolutely love the players in the band, the music we play and most of all the lovely folks that support us and help promote us - Thankyou to you all.

Here are two youtube clips - one is Big Band Voodoo Daddy themselves playing Big Time Operator and the other is Kal's Kats playing the very same at one of our rehearsals - Hope you enjoy them :-) (well, ours at least - clearly BBVD are brilliant)

and us

Kal's Kats - Vintage swing Band UK

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